Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why Your Homemade Wine Doesn't Taste Good

It's true - the first few times I made my own wine - it tasted... uhhh... Bad.

I drank it anyway.

I wasn't a wine lover or connessuer or anything like that. I had just read that it was pretty easy to do and you didn't need much equipment and it was cheap.

Well - all of that is true.

The problem is that I wanted it to taste good. Actually - I wanted it to taste great.

But - it didn't.

So I did a little research and found out 2 "secrets", if you will, that increased that quality of the flavor almost instantly.

The next batch I made, even my wife drank some and said it was "OK". Now I was getting somewhere.

A few more batches and a few more little tweaks and changes and guess what? She didn't know it was mine! She thought I bought it. Pretty cool huh?

Now - believe me - this didn't happen over a few weeks or months. It actually took 3 and a half years. BUT - I did it.

I knew how to take store bought ingredients and turn them into a wine that tasted as good as or better than what you buy at the store or the wine shop.

So - what are those 2 secrets and what are the few tweaks? I'll get to that in my next post so stay tuned. In the mean time - you can get my basic "How to make Your Own Wine" book free at this link:

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